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Kettle Ridge Organics is a certified organic grain farm located near Alix in Central Alberta, Canada.

We are a family owned and operated farming operation. We plant and harvest our own crops, fix our own machinery, and perform almost every other task that occurs on a prairie grain farm. 


Our production includes wheat, barley, peas, yellow mustard, fall rye and green manure plowdown.

We are a husband and wife team supported by 'consulting' services of our previous generation and a small amount of child labour from our son and daughter.

IMG_0670 (2).JPG

Our acres include the 60+ year family farm along with a roster of landlords who we like to thank for their support of our organic adventure. Our name comes from the numerous geological features in the area.


A kettle is a type of slough or wetland left behind from melting of glaciers. A kettle can be described as crater shaped, or like a giant golf ball divot. 

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